Is Going Back To A Drug Rehab Center The Right Choice For Me?

The task of breaking free from addiction to drugs and alcohol is an enormous task; if you have been through rehabilitation before, you likely know what a significant experience this is for someone.

Nothing is quite so shaming as a relapse back into addiction—after all of the work, effort, and emotional intensity required to get clean in the first place, to fall back into old, destructive patterns can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Understanding recovery

If at first you don\’t succeed…….knowing whether you need to go back to rehab involves a more thorough understanding of your recovery journey, and what it will take for you to be free from drugs and alcohol, once and for all. An important factor in your decision making process should be your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of loved ones around you.

Relapse back into old patterns is actually quite common, especially if you are new to the treatment process. A large number of people who briefly relapse are able to successfully re-enter treatment and become sober long term. It\’s important to note, however, that relapse is a dangerous cycle of use and abuse, and you may not be aware of the larger quantities of your drug of choice being used to get that same familiar \”high\” as before. Overdose is much more common in relapse situations than in those who have not yet tried to break free of their addictive patterns.

With relapse being common…….up to 80 percent of alcoholics relapse in the first four years after treatment, it is important to seek assistance, support, and follow up care to keep you on the right track and begin to reap the benefits of your reflective work and self care.

Do I need to enter treatment again?

Depending on the severity of your relapse, you may need to return to rehabilitation.

If you have had a \”slip\”, you have most likely had a moment of weakness where you have used again, but you quickly realize that this could lead to addiction once more, and you take steps to ensure that it does not happen again.

A relapse is a more prolonged and intense period of use, often lasting for weeks and months. During that time, it is common for the user to isolate himself/herself and return to addictive patterns and habits that existed before rehab.

If you have relapsed, it is critical that you stop using immediately and seek support, care, and treatment once more to avoid more serious complications, legal issues, and even death.

Why didn\’t my treatment work the first time?

Relapse doesn\’t necessarily mean that the treatment didn\’t work, it just means that one or more aspects of the plan needed adjustment in order to be truly effective for you. Falling into old habits is easy—you are fighting against cravings, physiological changes, established patterns, and even doubt that you can escape the cycle in the first place. Rehabilitation is not a destination, it\’s a lifelong process of overcoming cravings, patterns, habits, and choosing to live a healthier, more productive life free from drugs and alcohol. Looking at where you went wrong and resolving to fix these issues will ensure that repeated attempts to rehabilitate are truly lasting and effective.

Subsequent rounds, additional support

If a relapse has occurred, it is essential that you get help and support right away. Being completely honest with yourself and beginning to truly trust the process of recovery is a necessary step in finding the lasting healing and authentic life that you seek. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what your health and healing mean to you, and how aggressively you are going to work toward your goal of building a healthier life.

Finding a rehab center that provides additional options for care might be the way to go in a second or third round of rehab; trying a new form of therapy, creating new opportunities for building social and emotional connections, and reframing just how important getting healthy is for you will be essential steps in your attempt to overcome your addiction and create better things.

You did not mess up….or fail

Making the choice to enter rehab again is an incredibly courageous act; it does not mean you failed. It actually indicates how passionate you are about reinventing yourself and leaving unhealthy habits, actions, and patterns behind once and for all. Focus on all of the good things you uncovered about yourself and life in your first attempt at rehab, and seek out these quality experiences and positive feelings again as you work toward your brightest future. If you are ready to take your courageous step towards freedom and health once more, give us a call today at 833-846-5669; we will partner with you to create your best life yet!

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