Is Florida Drug Rehabilitation Considered a Healthcare Service?

For the longest time, it was difficult for common folks and experts to figure out just how to classify addictions. During conversations, people would typically refer to them as mental health conditions. That didn’t seem to be a problem, but prior to 2009, there was a sweeping change in opinion that paved the way for a major change in the way addictions have since been treated.

Before moving on, it’s important for everyone to understand that up until 2009, addiction treatment was considered an elective process. Based on that classification, insurance companies were allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they would cover such costs. In many cases, the answer was no.

Is Florida Drug Rehabilitation Considered a Healthcare Service?

Prior to the turn of the century, both the medical and psychiatric professions began viewing addictions as healthcare issues. It eventually got to the point where both industries were willing to step up and classify addictions as diseases. Even worse, they reported these are diseases that cannot be cured.

With this subtle change, some insurance companies stepped forward and began offering some level of insurance benefits to cover at least a portion of addiction treatment costs for its customers. Because of the psychical issues caused by addiction, insurance companies took the position they could justify paying some benefits as preventative measures.

What happened in 2009? That was the year the Obama administration passed the most aggressive healthcare legislation in American history. That legislation is known as the Affordable Care Act of 2009 (ACA).

While mandating that all Americans had to have healthcare insurance coverage through their employers or as individuals was a major component of the law, there were other dictates. One in particular had a profound effect on the addiction treatment community.

Ever since the bill was signed into law, insurance companies has been under government dictate to cover costs related to addiction treatment in the same manner they would cover other medical treatments. That became the point in time when addiction treatment officially became a healthcare issue. Under the ACA, millions of Americans who might not have been able to otherwise afford addiction treatment have gotten the treatment they need.

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