Is Family Therapy Offered at Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers?

Support from loved ones is a vital part of the recovery process. Research shows that people who have an active support system from their family are more likely to do well in treatment. Addiction also tends to strain many important relationships, and the decision to get sober doesn’t just impact you but everyone who cares for you as well. Drug and alcohol treatment centers often include family therapy as part of their recovery programs to help people heal from old wounds left by addiction. Therapy is designed to help family members cope with their own struggles as well as learn their roles in your recovery. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, sibling or child, everyone can benefit from family therapy in drug and alcohol recovery centers.

Does every rehab offer family therapy?

While family counseling can have a major impact on someone’s recovery, it isn’t guaranteed at every treatment center. Many inpatient and outpatient facilities offer family therapy in their treatment programs, but others may focus more on individual and group therapy instead.

What are the benefits of family therapy in rehab?

Recovery from substance abuse takes a lot of emotional and mental willpower. The confidence and comfort you can receive from loved ones can play a vital role in your sobriety. Some people may find that family therapy offers a safe space to discuss their problems without getting too emotional or confrontational. People carry a lot of pain and anger into addiction, and substance abuse can test even the closest bonds. Family therapy will give you and your loved ones the opportunity to work on resolving your issues together and grow closer to one another in the process. A licensed therapist can also speak to family members individually and help them understand the nature of addiction. This is especially helpful for people whose spouse or parent tend to carry a lot of blame and don’t realize it’s not as easy as “just quitting.”

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