Is Drug Addiction fatal?

Drugs are a powerful thing that can both help people and ruin lives. It is of the utmost importance to know the risks so that you won’t risk your life. Drug addiction is incredibly common and shockingly deadly. To fully understand why drug addiction is so deadly, you need to understand how drugs actually work in your body. Drugs usually aren’t pure but are instead composed of many different substances full of other harmful chemicals. These chemicals can be traced back to previous generations and have changed little from the first generation. These are some of the ways drug addiction can be fatal.


In most cases, an addict will take more drugs than they can handle, with one of the most common drugs being insulin, which is administered to people who are diabetic. In this case, the diabetes drug is being used in an illegal aspect. Overusing insulin leads to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, convulsions, and seizures. Hypoglycemia can be fatal if the victim isn’t taken to a hospital in time. That is why drugs such as heroin and cocaine are so dangerous because they can lead to overdose.


The amount of poison in a drug is so high that it severely affects the body. It causes severe damage to organs if taken in large amounts. When the body is poisoned, it does not know what to do with toxins, so it will dump them into the bloodstream to be eliminated. During this process the body’sbody’s chemical balance gets out of wack and results in death. It is especially common when ingesting many opiates or street drugs such as crack cocaine. The poison in these drugs is extremely high and can kill.

Drug Interactions

Drugs can interfere with other medications which can cause significant disruptions in the body’sbody’s normal functions and even death. This interaction is the main reason why you should never take alcohol and drugs together because they can interact to create severe problems with the liver or heart. It is a widespread cause of death, especially in users who consume large amounts of ethanol. Sadly addicts often use other drugs or alcohol to hide or overcome the effects of their current drug use, which invariably leads to death.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Once a person is addicted to a drug, withdrawals will follow. These withdrawal symptoms are excruciating and, in some cases, can even be fatal. The process starts when the body is used to getting its drugs regularly, and when it stops getting them, it will begin to react heavily. When withdrawal isn’t done under the observation of a qualified physician, there is always a chance of death. The withdrawal symptoms in the body’s chemistry are very complicated. Thus, it is often difficult to predict this and know what symptoms to look for. Signs include anxiety, agitation, muscle pain, and seizures.


Because drugs are highly concentrated, they can quickly get into your bloodstream. Some drugs have harmful chemicals that can stick to cells in your lungs, causing respiratory failure and death. They can also enter the brain and, in rare cases, have been known to cause heart attacks. When an addict smokes drugs such as heroin, their brain and respiratory system slow down and cause them to pass out. It often leads to death because the body cannot breathe properly and becomes still.


When one is addicted to a drug, their brain chemistry is typically messed up. It can cause the victim to experience a condition known as paranoid psychosis. The addict will imagine that everyone in the room, from family members and friends to complete strangers, is out to get them. At this point, the addict won’t be able to tell reality from fantasy and always feel like they are being watched or followed and, in some cases, will even believe that people can read their minds. These scenarios can often lead to self-harm that can be fatal. In conclusion, drugs are a hazardous and deadly thing.

Every drug has its own set of effects, and because of that, you need to know what each one does. Know about drugs before you take them so you dont become addicted or, worse, dead. To get help understanding how drug addiction can be fatal, call 833-846-5669.