If You Binge Drink Does That Mean You Are An Alcoholic?

Alcohol is a drink that most people take to relieve stress and relax. It is also very easy to become addicted to it. Many people even abuse alcohol to the point where it wreaks havoc on their lives. It can cause an individual to feel so ashamed they cannot admit the addiction, leading them into a vicious cycle of alcoholic binge drinking. These are some of the signs of an alcoholic.

Need Alcohol To Function

Little amounts of alcohol can help relax your mind and body, so you do not find yourself under stress, but too much can cause anxiety and even cause health problems. If you frequently find yourself needing a drink or two on an everyday basis, this may signify you have become dependent on alcohol. When you need a drink to perform the simplest tasks, and if you end up drinking more than you intended, this may be a sign of alcoholism.

Drinking Alone

Alcoholics are never satisfied with just one drink; they will continue to drink until the whole bottle is empty. As an alcoholic, you will always find yourself drinking alcohol before, during and after work or even during your free time alone. You will usually drink alone to satisfy your cravings instead of with friends or family because you do not want others to know about it. If you empty alcohol bottles frequently, this may also be a sign of alcoholism.

Drinking Excessively

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is often a sign that you are addicted to the substance or at least become dependent on it. It can lead to drinking more than what is normal for one person and drinking an amount that will impair your ability to function properly.

Blacking Out

Losing memory from events that have occurred from drinking too much is a sign of alcoholism since the brain has difficulty adapting to the significant amount of alcohol intake in one session. If your alcohol consumption is over the average amount, you may make a mistake when driving or running late or forgetting important tasks. Blacking out is also a sign of alcoholism because the brain has difficulty processing alcohol intake for all different types of activities like driving, sleeping and even talking.

Poor Hygiene

The rest of the public will notice many alcoholics because they have a very poor sense of hygiene. They will often not bathe regularly, and you may notice that their clothes are dirty and in a state of disarray. If this is how your behavior has been, this may be another sign that you are an alcoholic or addicted to alcohol. Many people do not realize this about themselves.

Poor Finances

Poor financial decisions are often a sign of an alcoholic since they often spend money on alcohol and drink it excessively to escape reality. Since they do not know how they spent the money, you may go into further debt because you spent money buying alcohol. They will neglect their responsibilities, lose their jobs, and still find ways to remain active in drinking, eventually leading to financial ruin.

Violence Behavior

When an alcoholic is under the influence of alcohol, their inhibitions are lowered, leading them to behave aggressively, even if they are not normally a violent person. If you have trouble controlling your temper, you may want to refrain from drinking and see a doctor because this is a sign of alcoholism.

Relationship Problems

If you realize your friends and family members are avoiding you because of the way you act when you drink too much, this is a sign that they also notice your drinking habits. When you see your relationships with others becoming strained, this may be a sign of alcoholism. If people around you have been trying to help, encourage and even nag you to stop drinking but have not been able to convince you to stop or quit, this may also be a sign of alcohol addiction. In conclusion, alcohol is a widely used substance that many people use to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves.

Due to its popularity, it has become a popular drug of choice for some people. If you notice that you are drinking to excess, or if you cannot stop having the urge to drink despite peer pressure or even the warnings of your own family or friends, this may be a sign that you have an addiction problem. To better understand if you are an alcoholic, call 833-846-5669.