If I Find a Drug Rehab South Florida for My Son, Can I Enroll Him?

There are many cases of people who struggle with alcohol or substance abuse who are not able to recognize that they have a problem. Even those who do recognize that they are sinking may not want to take the steps necessary to change. However, professional treatment will likely be the most successful course of action for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.

If your son is struggling with drug abuse in Florida and you are looking to help, you’ve probably searched for local rehab centers. The question is, once you find one, will you be able to enroll him yourself? Let’s take a look at the question below.

Florida Laws for Minors

If your son is a minor at the time you wish for them to receive treatment, then you can enroll him as their parent. You will need proof that you are his parent or legal guardian during the enrollment process. While it might seem like a harsh decision to force a teenager into rehab, there are many circumstances where you will be making the right decision. Many teen addicts put their lives at risk when they use, so enrolling them in rehab will keep them safe for at least as long as they are there. Remember, your teenager’s brain develops until they are 25-years-old. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to a lot of damage if they use during this critical period.

Florida Laws Over 18

Once your son is 18-years-old they are considered a legal adult. You will not be able to force him to go to therapy, nor will you be able to enroll him in rehabilitation services if he doesn’t want to go. He will have to make that choice on his own, no matter how strongly you feel about the decision. The best thing you can do for your son is to gently persuade him to check into a rehab center. However, you cannot nag, beg, plead, or threaten an adult into doing something they don’t want to do.

Research drug addiction before you attempt to talk to him about it. Check out local support groups for parents of addicted children. Talk to a professional to learn what your choices are. You may want to stage an intervention if all else fails.

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