How To Prepare For Drug Rehab

Making the commitment to go into drug rehab will be one of the most important decisions in your life. Now that this decision has been made, you’ll want to start thinking about how to prepare for the transition from your regular life to drug rehab. You’re not alone if you are worried about what to expect when you get there as well as what to do to make things smoother at home.

Feeling nervous and stressed out about the change is perfectly normal during this time. You need to get your affairs in order before you leave so that you are not stressed out during detox and rehab. This is the time to focus on yourself, so read on for how to prepare for drug rehab when you’ve made the decision to get sober.

Work Obligations

Worrying about work is often an issue that keeps people from going into rehab. However, the FMLA, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, ensures adults that they can have up to at least 12 weeks of medical leave. You can use this time to plan for detox and rehab. If your job does not offer FMLA, you will want to talk to your HR representative about your needs. Employers are looking for healthy employees, chances are they will give you the time off that you need. You’ll want to give them as much notice as you can so they can plan for your absence accordingly.

Family Obligations

Your family wants you to get better just as much as your employer does. But it is understandable that you are worried about them and what will happen while you are in rehab. Talk to family members about childcare if you have young children. It’s important that your children are in a safe, healthy environment while you are away. If you are a caregiver to elderly parents or another loved one, talk to family members about taking over for you while you are gone. You can also hire a home health aide to come in during the day during your absence.

Pets are another issue to take care of before you leave. Make sure someone can take care of any pets you have while you are gone. They may either be able to take them in or come to your home daily to care for them.

Knowing that your obligations, especially family, are well-taken care of will help you relax and get the help you need once you are in the detox facility.

Take Care of Financial Issues

If you are the one that takes care of financial issues, you’ll want to make sure that the bills get paid while you are gone. If you can, sign up for automatic payments for your financial obligations. If you can’t, entrust them to someone you know will take care of them. No one wants to get out of rehab just to be faced with overdue bills and shut-off notices. Make sure you leave money for the care of children or pets, as well.

Pack the Essentials

Talk to the rehab center about what you can and cannot bring. Stick to the essentials. You’re in rehab to work on yourself, so you don’t need to drag everything from your old life right into your new one! The facility will likely give you a list of the items you will be permitted to have once you are a patient. What you will be allowed to bring will depend on the facility you check into. Sure, it’s tempting to bring the things that remind you of being home! But the focus should be on yourself while you are there. Many of your personal items will distract you from your ultimate goals.

Have a Future Goal

Your focus will now be on getting through each day as it comes. However, having an idea of what will happen after rehab will help you keep the worrying to a minimum. Will you be coming home and going to school? Will you go back to work? Will you stay in a sober living home for a couple of months? Having an idea in mind, even if it isn’t set in stone, will make your stay easier.

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