How is Outpatient Rehab with Housing Different from Inpatient Rehab?

Fortunately, addiction rehabs are like life. They are not black and white. However, for many years, rehab was either inpatient or outpatient. Numerous studies have showed that inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab both have their major benefits and major downfalls. Outpatient rehab with housing provides the major benefits of both.

When you think of rehab with housing, you are probably thinking that it is almost identical to inpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab with housing is different from inpatient rehab because:

It Allows Clients to Continue Going to Work or School

A major downfall of inpatient rehabs is that you would have to take time off work or school. This can make you more resistant to the idea of inpatient rehab because you may risk losing your job, ruining your grade point average, taking longer to graduate, and your family being destitute during the time you or in rehab. Outpatient rehabs with housing provide the structure of an inpatient rehab while allowing you to fulfill your priorities.

Clients Can Practice their Recovery Tools in the Real World

Inpatient rehabs provide tools change how you process life, get along with people, and take care of yourself. An inpatient rehab does not give you the chance to practice the tools in the real world. Outpatient rehabs with housing give you the chance to apply what you are learning in the real world. Going to outside meetings, the gym, and on job searches is encouraged or even required by outpatient rehabs with housing.

The Family is Much More Involved

In order to be successful upon your return home, your family will need to heal. Since outpatient rehabs with housing are more open and you are permitted to leave, your family can be much more involved in the process and will have more opportunities to get educated on the resources that are available to help them.

Practicing Recovery on the Outside World

Working a recovery program is essential for genuine recovery. Many people think that they can stop working a recovery program once they get a hang on abstinence. People who quit working a recovery program often end up relapsing to their old addiction, switching their addiction, or developing the same character defects of a using person. Twelve-step programs are not your only option. There are many secular and evidence-based programs available.

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to keep you feeling good. Exercise, healthy diet, and low-stress is essential. Many people who develop addiction have addictive personalities. You will have to channel your addictive personality into healthy hobbies (e.g. art, fitness, academics, etc.).

There are many outpatient rehabs with housing available to adults in South Florida. Look into them today to start your recovery without outing your priorities on hold. Call them today at 833-846-5669.