How Do People Use Their Health Insurance To Pay For Rehab?

The decision to break away from the cycle of addiction is the right one but often a difficult decision to make. When someone makes that decision, they usually do so with a lot of questions about how they are going to kick the habit. Upon looking for the best course of action, it will quickly become apparent that going to a rehab facility is the only option worth considering. All of the other so-called options are of little use because they don’t seem to deliver results. They deliver relapses because they don’t address the underlying causes of the addiction. When considering the prospect of going to rehab, there are still things that give people pause. At the head of that list is the cost of rehab.

Yes, a month or two in a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center can get expensive. However, given the alternative of continuing the battle against addiction, it’s a cost that is worth considering. Before you let the cost of rehab sway you away from treatment, there is something you need to know. In 2009, Congress passed and then-President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. This had a profound effect on the treatment of addictions. According to this law, all healthcare insurance providers are required to cover at least a portion of the customer’s addiction treatment costs. The size of that portion depends on the policy itself. In fact, they are required to treat addiction treatment, in the same manner, they would treat any other medical condition.

Also, they are not permitted to discriminate against customers based on their addiction being a preexisting medical condition. By the law, you are required to carry healthcare insurance as an individual or through your employer. Assuming you have this access, you can pay what would likely be a large portion of your treatment costs through your insurance carrier. While the ACA is very favorable to addiction sufferers like you, insurance companies can limit the costs they will cover to the following treatment options:

  • Detox programs
  • Prescription medications used during the treatment process
  • Basic inpatient treatment costs (excluding luxury treatment facilities and some alternative therapeutic options)
  • Outpatient treatment

How Do People Use Their Health Insurance To Pay For Rehab?

If you have insurance and want to check into a rehab facility, the first thing you need to do is find a facility that will accept insurance as a payment option. You will find that most top rehab facilities will gladly accept insurance payments. That includes our facility. If you are not clear about how much your insurance carrier will cover, you should start by reading your healthcare insurance rider. There should be a summary page that defines the terms of your healthcare coverage for medical treatments, including addiction treatment.

If you have a human resources department at work, they should be able to help you address your concerns. Also, you have the option of contacting your insurance company’s customer service department. Your inquiry should be directed at the extent of coverage and what services they will cover. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable contacting your insurance company, most rehab facilities have someone on staff who is very proficient with dealing with insurance carriers. They can make the call on your behalf and secure the preapproval of your treatment.

What we know is this: most insurance companies will consider paying 100% of outpatient costs if you would be willing to go that route. Given how expensive inpatient treatment is, they would much rather pay 100% of outpatient treatment at $2,500 a month than have to pay 80% of inpatient treatment at $6,000 a month. As you can see, the incentive to pay 100% is there. As for any remaining portions of treatment you might have to pay, your rehab facility of choice might have access to some resources to help you pay. That could include allowing you to run a tab or offering you access to an endowment, grant, or scholarship. If you have healthcare insurance, there should really be no financial obstacles to you seeking help. The fact is everyone wants to help you recover from your addiction. For our part, we are leaving the door open to you coming to us for treatment. If you will pick up your phone and call us at 833-846-5669, we can discuss details about the facility and all of the treatment options we have to offer you.