How Do I Take Care of My Family in Palm Beach Drug Rehab if I’m a Stay at Home Mom?

Having to deal with an addiction is not always a matter of convenience. After all, how long can someone afford to watch their live spiral out of control while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? The answer is not very long if their addiction issues are starting to have a profound effect on their overall wellbeing.

When you finally decide to get treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction issues, you are going to have to make difficult choices. Working with rehab personnel, the first thing you are going to have to address is which treatment options are going to be necessary to deliver to you the level of care you need.

Depending on the extent of your addiction, it’s likely you would need to spend time in a residential or inpatient program. That’s how Palm Beach rehabs such as ours prefer to administer treatment to clients who have a significant addiction issue to any kind of harmful substance.

With that said, it’s understandable that not everyone has the ability or willingness to participate in a residential treatment program. For that very reason, most of the nation’s top drug and alcohol treatment centers also offer outpatient alternatives.

If you are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, our number one concern is helping you sooner rather than later. Please continue reading as we go into more depth about outpatient treatment.

Details About Outpatient Treatment

It makes no sense to try to use a one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. There are simply too many variables that come into play with each individual. As you contemplate how you are going to get the treatment you need while also considering your circumstances, we want to show you some of the common reasons people give to qualify for outpatient treatment:

  • Can not financially afford residential treatment
  • Can not miss time from work or school
  • Have a responsibility to the family as the family’s primary source of income
  • Have responsibility for the direct care of children or elderly family members

Based on the heading of this article, it seems likely you need a way to get treatment while also taking care of your child or children in the process. Indeed, an outpatient program would seem to be your only option. Now that we have resolved that issue, you need to consider which type of outpatient program is going to suit your needs. There are three possibilities as listed here from most restrictive to least restrictive:

  • Partial Hospitalization or PHP
  • Intensive Outpatient or IOP
  • Standard Outpatient or OP

Starting with PHP, you would need to commit to treatment at least five days a week for a minimum of six hours a day. This option is generally reserve for clients who have a substantial addiction problem but don’t want to submit to residential care. With this option, your time would be devoted to working with a therapist as an individual.

The focus of therapy would be delving into your inner self to identify the root causes of your addiction issues. It is important to identify the whys to help you develop targeted solutions. You might also get the opportunity to work with other clients in a group setting. This is a good way for you to learn you are not alone in your illness. You would also get a chance to develop support resources for future use.

At the next level down is IOP treatment. With this option, you would need to commit to at least three days of treatment a week for at least four hours a day. During your time in treatment, you would mostly be working on intensive individual therapy.

At the lowest level are standard outpatient programs. These programs are largely available for clients who have a moderate addiction issue, yet still seem to have good control over their lives. OP is also available as a maintenance option for clients who have already completed treatment. This option requires no more than a day or two in treatment for no more than a couple of hours per session.

Knowing you have options that will allow you to get treatment and still manage your childcare responsibilities, we hope this motivates you to seek treatment now. We would appreciate the opportunity to bring you into our Palm Beach facility and get you started with treatment. For more information, please call us at 833-846-5669.