How Can I Help Someone Suffering Drug Induced Psychosis if I Can\’t Call the Police?

Drugs and alcohol can create a number of dangerous situations. When they are consumed in combination or at abusive levels, the consequences can be life-threatening. One very scary thing that can happen is a drug-induced psychosis. Here\’s how you can help someone suffering from a drug-induced psychosis without calling the police.

What Is a Drug-Induced Psychosis?

Psychosis is a mental health issue that alters someone\’s perception of the world around them. Drugs and alcohol can trigger a psychotic reaction that mirrors this type of behavior. It is caused by an abnormal reaction to drugs or alcohol.

Stimulants such as cocaine are a frequent cause of drug-induced psychosis. Not only can reality be grossly distorted, but the person can experience traumatic delusions or hallucinations. Prolonged alcohol abuse causes delirium tremens.

It is not uncommon for someone suffering from a drug-induced psychosis to act irrationally. Many drugs worsen mental illness issues that already exist. When the person already suffers from psychotic tendencies, drug-induced psychosis can become very dangerous, even life-threatening.

How Can You Help?

You must appreciate the seriousness of drug-induced psychosis. Thinking the person will be fine when they come down off their high is a poor choice. Drug-induced psychotic outbursts can be very dangerous. A number of people who have experienced such reactions report that they strongly considered suicide.

A drug-induced psychosis needs to be treated as a medical emergency. When you cannot get the person to seek help voluntarily, you may have to make every effort possible to get them to an emergency room.

There are medications that a medical professional can give someone who is experiencing a drug-induced psychosis. These medications reduce the effect of certain symptoms, especially dangerous hallucinations.

If you see someone experiencing a drug-induced psychosis, you should appreciate that their health and well-being must be the top priority. Calling the police may be the last thing you want to do. However, they need help immediately.

States have different laws that allow family members to have a potential drug abuser involuntarily admitted to treatment. However, the individual can often leave in lieu of some type of court order. Try to convince the person experiencing a drug-induced psychosis to go for help immediately.

If they will not, you may have to take more drastic steps. Remember, an encounter with a law enforcement officer is a far better solution than death. When you\’re faced with drug-induced psychosis, get help no matter where that help must come. Call us at 833-846-5669.

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