How Are Rehab Centers in South Florida Different From the Rest of the Country?

South Florida is an ideal location to attend drug rehab. There is a vast array of different facilities to choose from, and South Florida is known for its large and supportive recovery community. If you\’re from another state, going to South Florida for treatment may help you to focus more on your recovery by temporarily removing all familiar distractions from your life. This article will discuss how rehab centers in South Florida are different from the rest of the country\’s.

Sunshine and the Brain

South Florida has a warm climate with plenty of sunshine. Sunshine is emotionally uplifting, but it\’s more than just that. Sunlight acts as a catalyst on the surface of the skin that helps the body to make vitamin D. Adequate vitamin and nutrient intake during rehab is very important. Sunlight also induces the brain to produce more of a critical neurotransmitter called serotonin. Low levels of serotonin in the brain have been linked to depression. In fact, most modern anti-depressant drugs work by increasing serotonin levels. South Florida\’s great abundance of lovely beaches also helps to boost mood and promote a sense of peace and relaxation. This is because the rhythm of the ocean waves somewhat mimics natural brain waves. This produces a profound feeling of tranquility for many people. Drug rehab is tough. If the location of a treatment center can help to naturally boost mood, relieve depression and help the recovering addict to relax, this can only be a positive thing.

Climate and Detox

South Florida\’s comfortably warm weather may also be of a great help during the detox, or withdrawal, period. A common symptom of drug withdrawal is feeling cold even though the environment isn\’t chilly and others not experiencing withdrawal are not cold. Although warm weather won\’t necessarily relieve this withdrawal symptom completely, it will help. This is particularly true for opioid withdrawal. As the brain struggles to regain normal function, it may be temporarily unable to properly maintain a constant and comfortable body temperature. Chills are the result. The person may also feel hot and then cold. They may even feel both at the same time. Cold weather will only intensify this uncomfortable aspect of drug withdrawal.

South Florida also offers a great number of sober living homes. If you wisely choose to augment your treatment plan with sober living, you will have a huge array of places to choose from. It\’s nearly certain that at least a few of them will have just what you\’re looking for.

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