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Value Options Insurance for Drug Treatment

ValueOptions is an insurance company that serves over 50 million policy holders, and is now known as Beacon Health Options. Their headquarters are located in Boston Massachusetts, making them a very prominent insurance option for those in the Northeastern states. Updated statistics show that 1 in 7individuals face some form of substance dependability, which translates to over seven million of these policy holders facing some form of substance abuse problem. This high prevalence in individuals who are dealing with addiction shows just how necessary viable drug treatment options are.


ValueOptions and Their Considerable History in Recovery Options

It is no surprise that not all insurance policies cover rehabilitation options after the routine 3-7 day detox process, but ValueOptions has proven to be much different. ValueOptions has a very rich historical background in being compassionate towards those suffering through mental, behavioral, and addiction issues. They are known for offering much more comprehensive treatment coverage when compared to their competitors. The Boston-based company was even doted as the largest behavioral wellness option in terms of insurance companies at one point. It is not atypical for insurance companies to view things from an incredibly technical standpoint, but ValueOptions defies the norm. They have always treated their beneficiaries with the utmost compassion in terms of rehabilitation, which is a huge relief for those who are taking the first step in entering treatment.

This isn’t to say that every insurance policy that ValueOptions offers provides consumers with a substantial amount of rehabilitation coverage. There are still regulations surrounding what is offered, where it is offered, and how long it is offered. However, with such a solid track record in providing recovering addicts with the coverage that they require, most consumers find that they are offered an appropriate amount of coverage.


Factors to Review in Determining Drug Treatment Coverage

Generally speaking, most insurance companies deem rehabilitation programs as medically necessary within reason. This is due to them viewing it as minimizing risks in the future. When someone doesn’t receive proper treatment for their drug addiction, insurance companies know that it can lead to physical and psychological risks in the future. These risks would end up costing the company much higher rates overtime. Even though your chances of optimal coverage with ValueOptions is high, there are still some things to consider when overlooking your policy. While reviewing your policy in preparation for inpatient or outpatient programs, you’re going to want to review several factors beforehand. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • What facilities are in my plan’s network?
  • Do I need a referral in order to start treatment?
  • How long of an inpatient stay will my plan cover?
  • What are my related healthcare costs?

It is typically recommended to verify that the facility you have in mind is considered an in-network facility with your insurance plan, but our Boynton Beach campus prides themselves in taking ValueOptions as an insurance provider. You should still inquire about needing a referral ahead of time from your primary care provider to save you any further hassle down the line. Also be sure to find out how long your plan will cover in terms of an inpatient stay. Most inpatient stays happen in 30 or 90 day periods, but some stays can last over a year. It is important to find out how long of a stay they will cover ahead of time so that you have an idea of how lengthy your stay may be. Related costs such as co-pays and deductibles should be researched as well so that you have a general estimate of how much your out-of-pocket costs will be.


Our Team Will Help You Get There

Even if you find that your ValueOptions policy does not cover as much as you had originally hoped, our expert staff is here to help. We can help you discover a variety of options in regards to your specific plan, allowing you to have access to to our facility’s high quality programs, amenities, and staff. Here at Seacrest Recovery Center, we know that facing addiction itself can be a very overwhelming experience, and we want to help lift that burden. Reach out to us at (800) 411-8019, so that we can better assist you in your recovery process.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction. Every person is unique and deserves the proper placement in the right program to best avoid potential relapse. Our “Phase Back to Life” outpatient programs combine the love, care, compassion and structure of a traditional rehabilitation center – along with a real life recovery program. We know you just want your loved one back and some peace of mind. That’s exactly how we designed our program. Call us today to learn more.

Our well-appointed facilities will ensure that your loved one is comfortable and safe.  We have taken great care to ensure that each individual feels at home from the start, so they are ready to engage in a life of recovery.  From the furnishings to the living environment to the qualified staff – we have thought of everything to make sure it’s all taken care of.


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