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Staying At A Sober Living Facility While Attending Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Today, many people find that attending an outpatient addiction treatment program is the ideal way to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and move forward with a healthy lifestyle. Yet, it is also common to need additional support during the times when you are not in the daytime outpatient therapy program. This is why you may opt to stay in a sober living facility where you will continue to receive around the clock support that helps you avoid triggers and cravings during the hours when you are not in formal therapy.


Ease Into a Sober Lifestyle

After years of using drugs or alcohol, it takes time to learn how to manage the behaviors that fuel your addiction. This is why it is best to use an approach that incorporates carefully planned phases. A three-phase system allows you to quickly begin receiving the help that you need while living with specific boundaries such as a curfew that serves as motivation for staying on the right track.


Enjoy Affordable Living Arrangements

A sober living facility is often a more affordable option when compared to a hospital because it requires fewer resources to operate. These facilities form a tight-knit community where you can receive personalized support that fits into your health care budget. Whether you pay for your treatment out of pocket or use one of the many types of insurance that are accepted, you will find that a sober living facility gives you high quality care at the fraction of the cost that traditional hospital settings require.


Make New Sober Friends

Now that you are choosing sobriety, you have likely already realized that you have to let a few negative influences go. While this is naturally a hard part of getting sober, your new living situation places you in close proximity to people who are undergoing many of the same challenges. As you live in the same area, you will learn how to lean on each other for support while maintaining the motivation necessary to continue to follow the lessons that you learn during your outpatient therapy sessions. You will also find that your sober residence is filled with people who are eager to accompany you to support group meetings in the evening hours.


Find New Hobbies

Do you remember the things that you used to enjoy before drugs and alcohol took over? Sober living facilities are where you get a chance to revive old passions and gain a few new ones. Going to the gym is a popular activity at the sober living facility since residents enjoy the way that exercise helps the body grow stronger while it helps the mind deal with stress. You may also decide to take up journaling, painting or even coloring as you recover from your addiction. These new hobbies allow you to continue living a healthier lifestyle once you are ready to leave the sober living residence.


Stay Accountable With Regular Testing

Accountability is encouraged throughout each phase of your treatment. While it may seem daunting right now to undergo random drug testing and breathalyzer tests, this service is an important part of keeping your sober living environment safe. You will also be receiving intensive therapy during this time that makes it easier to pass these tests. Simply put, when you live in an environment where drugs and alcohol are not allowed, you will find it simple to stay accountable for your actions. In fact, everyone in your residence will be going through the same thing, which makes it easy to reach out for support.


Find and Keep a Full-Time Job

As you may have learned in the past, looking for employment is a full-time job. Part of living within a sober community is spending the time that you are not in therapy rebuilding your life. With assistance from a case manager, you will build a resume that gives you a competitive edge in the job hunt. Then, you will have set hours each day when you are provided with the opportunity to search for a job. Once you find full-time employment, you will be ready to move into the next phase of treatment that prepares you for living independently.

Everyone needs a helping hand at some point, and you can find everything you need to cope with your addiction by combining outpatient addiction treatment with a stay at a sober living facility. Now that you know how the process works, reach out to a member of our support team to arrange for the next step on your journey to recovery.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction. Every person is unique and deserves the proper placement in the right program to best avoid potential relapse. Our “Phase Back to Life” outpatient programs combine the love, care, compassion and structure of a traditional rehabilitation center – along with a real life recovery program. We know you just want your loved one back and some peace of mind. That’s exactly how we designed our program. Call us today to learn more.

Our well-appointed facilities will ensure that your loved one is comfortable and safe.  We have taken great care to ensure that each individual feels at home from the start, so they are ready to engage in a life of recovery.  From the furnishings to the living environment to the qualified staff – we have thought of everything to make sure it’s all taken care of.


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