Does Insurance Cover Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

You never thought alcohol could get the best of you. You told yourself it was just for a good time. You could walk away from a drink any time you wanted. Everything changed the first time you tried to say no more. The cravings hit in the first few hours. You couldn’t stop thinking about opening the bottle in your cabinet. You were overwhelmed with anxiety and too restless to stay in one place. You couldn’t sleep or eat. You felt like you were getting the flu. By the next day, your hands started to shake. You knew you were in trouble. You want to find your way out of this nightmare. The only problem is you don’t know if you can afford it. Your most important question is does insurance cover alcohol addiction treatment?

The cost of alcohol addiction rehab programs often keeps many people from even looking into a program. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies to include coverage for programs that treat substance abuse. Each insurance plan varies in what it covers. You can expect that your plan will cover at least part of the costs for:

  • An inpatient care program
  • Outpatient services
  • Prescriptions as needed

The best resource for you is your health insurance provider. You can contact a representative to learn all about what your coverage is, which facilities are in your network, and how your costs may change if you go to a alcohol addiction treatment program that is out of network. If it is too overwhelming for you to take on this task, ask a family member or close friend to assist you. Plan on being available during the call in case your insurance company needs verification for approval from you.

<h2>Your Treatment Program of Choice Can Help You Navigate Insurance</h2>
The staff members at your alcohol addiction treatment facility can also assist you with figuring out what kind of coverage you have. Your insurance company may approve treatment for 21 days, 30 days, or more. It all depends on your situation and the specifics concerning your policy. Even if you do not have full coverage, many alcohol addiction treatment programs offer financing opportunities. You may also qualify for assistance in paying for your rehab program. You may qualify for an outpatient program that allows you to continue to work while you are living at home. If inpatient care is best for you, outpatient sessions and group meetings can help you to stay sober once your treatment program has come to an end.

Your health needs to be at the top of your priority list. The rewards of a successful alcohol addiction treatment experience are more than you can count. Your treatment providers will use every resource they have to keep alcohol from ruining your life. You’ll enter a facility that offers you a warm welcome where you won’t have to worry about temptation. Poor influences in your life won’t be able to reach you. You’ll be given the gift of time, space, and solitude when you need it most. At the same time, the staff will be at the ready when you are struggling. Someone will be with you to help you through withdrawal. You’ll be able to sit down and talk about how alcohol made its way into your life. Your therapist will give you the tools you need to put it behind you. Learn coping skills and healthy alternatives to alcohol when life is challenging. You’ll thank yourself every day for reaching out to professionals to help you find your strength.

You can stand up on your own again without using alcohol as a crutch. Your recovery begins the moment you pick up the phone. Our counselors are on standby right now. They’ll discuss your options for programs, answer any questions you may have, and set up your fist visit to an alcohol addiction treatment program of your choosing. Don’t waste another minute. Dial 833-846-5669. Our counselors know how much you’re hurting. It’s time to stop feeling haunted by your next drink. With the right treatment program, you’ll look back and remember the day you had your last drink.