Does a Florida Drug Rehab Center Have to Get Your Consent for All Medications Administered?

Fighting an addiction is a difficult battle. Florida drug rehab centers dedicate their lives to helping formulate treatment models to help you build a foundation to fight this battle. Their goal is to help you live a clean and sober life.

Much of this foundation is established through therapy. However, as the battle against drug addiction intensifies, the medical profession is helping. New medications are being developed to supplement the therapeutic efforts of professional counselors at treatment facilities.

Research is steadily improving the tools treatment specialists have at their disposal. New pharmaceutical choices are continually being discovered that dramatically improve recovery. Here is what you need to know about consenting to any medications administered as part of your treatment program.


During treatment, a Florida drug rehab center will always respect your right to privacy. This is legal requirement that covers everything from medications prescribed by your physician to those administered during as part of treatment. What drugs you are administered by the professionals at your treatment facility must be kept confidential.


If you’ve made the wise choice to take part in a Florida drug rehab center treatment program, you’ve taken the most important step of your life. In fact, making that choice to reach out for help when you have a drug or alcohol may save that life.

There are drugs to help battle the cravings induced by certain drugs and alcohol. For instance, Acamprosate can help your brain return to a healthy chemical balance after prolonged alcohol abuse.

Heavy heroin use can be a monumental challenge to overcome. There are medications available to help provide an essential period of stability until the physical and mental cravings are reduced.

Certain medications are helpful in blocking unnatural triggers that occur in your brain’s receptors. These medications block the drugs from inducing a high. In addition, there are medications a professional drug therapist may deem critical to your recovery.

When dual-diagnosis treatment is applied, secondary factors that propelled an addiction are frequently unearthed. There are clinically-proven medications that can help reduce the effects of depression or anxiety.

These medications will be suggested to help you recover, not provide you with a crutch to live with. Be mindful that your recovery is the priority. Your decision to enter treatment is one that should not be taken lightly, as well will be your consent on any medications that are suggested.

Drug treatment facilities and their staff want you to succeed. To do so, they may recommend medications to help them. Keep in mind, your privacy is the number one priority. Along with your right to privacy, you have the right to know what medications will be administered.

These medications are medical breakthroughs that may dramatically improve your prospects for sustained sobriety. However, what you take as part of your recovery is your final decision. The medications prescribed to help you beat your addiction are private and must receive your consent. Call our counselors at 833-846-5669.