Do you need addiction treatment?

Drug use is detrimental to your body and your relationship with others. Some people use drugs but are not addicted to them, while others need help. Determining if you need addiction treatment or simply a detox is based on knowledge of how much of your life has become affected. Addicts will notice signs that are physical, mental, and social.

Physical Signs Addiction Treatment is Needed

Physical signs symptoms of drug abuse that you will notice, while others may not. If you notice any of the following, you will want to consider getting help for your drug use.

  • Tolerance Levels – If you notice that you are needing more and more drugs to achieve the same high, you are building a tolerance level. The higher the tolerance level, the more of an addiction you have.<
  • Appetite Change – Appetite change while under the influence is not a physical sign of an addiction, but overall appetite changes can be. As you become more reliant on a drug, you will notice an overall loss of appetite.
  • Appearance Changes – People who suffer from addiction are less likely to care about their overall appearance. Personal hygiene deteriorates and health is neglected.
  • Withdrawal – If you believe you are not addicted to the drug, attempt to go without it and watch for physical symptoms. Withdrawal for an addict will bring more than just mood swings and discomfort. They will often tremble, suffer insomnia, have a gastrointestinal complication, and possibly seize.</li></ul>

Mental Signs Addiction Treatment is Needed

Addiction will also take a toll on your mental well-being. The following signs are clear warnings that you want to seek outside help to break the cycle of abuse and move forward with your life.

  • Inability to Stop – If you want to quit but have failed in past attempts, you need more help. Cravings are hard to fight on your own, and worse if you battle the physical symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Increased stress over the next dose – Addiction brings a strong desire to have more drugs, and you will battle stress over having it. This often leads to risky behavior, but depression when you think you cannot get what you need.
  • Coping with emotions – If you rely on drugs to cope with emotions, you will want therapy and psychiatric assistance in quitting. Your mind will tell you that you need more drugs instead of battling with the feelings you are experiencing.
  • Anger – Inability to control your anger is a sign that your drug use has turned from recreational to an addiction.

Social Signs Addiction Treatment is Needed

Your addiction will affect people around you and can damage relationships. Social signs of drug abuse are often seen by others, but they are noticed by you if you take notice.

  • Relationship changes – One of the first signs that your drugs have become addictive is you will change the group of people you hang out with. You want to be around other drug users so you do not feel shame about using. You are also more likely to have problems with family members and may face divorce or separations.
  • Legal problems – While not all addictions are from illegal substances, addiction leads to legal problems. If you abuse alcohol, you will start to have problems with drinking and driving or assaults. Illegal drugs can lead to arrests for possession and selling. As you fight to have the money to afford the drug, you can face robbery charges.
  • Job loss – As addiction becomes more problematic, people often find themselves skirting responsibilities. You may even lose your job and find yourself unable to obtain a new one.
  • Loss of interest – As your mind becomes more dependent on drugs, you may find yourself losing interest in things that you once enjoyed.
  • Hiding – Feeling shame for your addiction is normal, so you may withdraw from your family. Hiding yourself and your drugs is a sign that things have gotten out of hand. This is also true of alcoholism, where you have secret stashes making your family is unaware of how much you are drinking.
  • Denial – Denying you have a problem, even when presented with evidence, is a key sign that you need help. Many addicts believe they can quit at any time, but have shown they cannot.

Battling addiction is not an easy task, but it does not have to be the end of the line. Relationships can be saved, and people will forgive. Loved ones will become your biggest supporters. However, you need to take the first step. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to get you clean and healthy. Call us today at 833-846-5669.