Do You Get Kicked Out of a Halfway House if You Relapse?

A halfway house or sober living home is an excellent way to continue your recovery after you finish treatment for your addiction. Given the strict rules that some halfway houses have, you might be wondering, do you get kicked out of a halfway house if you relapse?

It depends on the house. Every halfway house has its own rules. Some have very strict regulations. They might require you to attend classes and 12-step meetings. Some have curfews and limited visiting hours. Others are more relaxed. But what they all have in common is that you\’re not allowed to use drugs or alcohol while you\’re living there.

What Happens if You Relapse?

Some halfway houses have a clearly stated \”zero tolerance\” policy and they mean it. If you start using again, you have to leave the house immediately. If your stay in the sober house was court-ordered, or a condition of your probation, you could be facing jail time.

Some houses will permit you to stay, but take away some house privileges. You will probably have to agree to random drug testing, curfews and other restrictions. You might lose some privileges or have to take on more household chores.

Accountability Matters

If you think all of this sounds too restrictive for your liking, keep in mind that a halfway house has four purposes:

  • to keep you accountable;
  • to give you structure;
  • to keep you safe;
  • to teach you how to live without drugs or alcohol.

These are the reasons that halfway houses require you to have a job, have structured time, have a curfew and contribute to keeping the house clean. Doing these things will guide you into building new road map for your life. Recovery is a lifelong process. The short time you spend at halfway house can pay off in lifelong dividends.

Safe and Sober

If you\’ve decided that a halfway house or sober living home is your next step, you\’re making a smart decision. Studies have found that addicts who spend time in a halfway house after treatment have lower rates of relapse.

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