Do You Automatically Have to Go to Drug Treatment in Florida If You Fail a Drug Test?

If you’re in a situation where you face possible or certain drug testing, you may wonder what happens if you fail a drug test. A drug test is considered positive if it reveals that you have ingested any illicit substance. Even if the substance detected by the test is a legal prescription controlled substance, you will still fail the test unless you can prove that you have a valid prescription for that particular substance or substances. This is true whether your test is related to work or to a court order, such as the conditions of probation. Many pain management doctors also conduct their own random drug testing, and the above rules will still apply. The main difference is in the consequences related to a drug test failure. None are minor. Do you automatically have to go to drug treatment in Florida if you fail a drug test? No, you never do. However, you may decide to go yourself. This decision will depend upon the circumstances and the consequences that you are willing to face.

Drug Testing Information

Drug tests may be conducted using urine, saliva, blood and even hair. Typically, you will submit a urine sample. You may or may not be directly observed. Once in the body, drugs break down into substances called metabolites. It’s these metabolites that reveal which drug is your system at the time of the test. The metabolites must be present at a certain level, called a threshold, in order for the test to find them.

You Don’t Automatically Have to Go to Drug Treatment in Florida

No one, not even the courts, can force anyone to go to treatment. Employers can’t force you to go, although they can fire you if you refuse. Family members may wheedle, coax, scream and threaten, but they cannot make you go. You may lose your freedom, your job and your family relationships, but no one can physically drag you into drug treatment. However, if you’re not willing to incur these kinds of very serious consequences, it makes sense to willingly consent to drug rehab. If you go to jail instead of treatment, you are unlikely to get any help there. It certainly doesn’t benefit anyone to lose their job and possibly be unable to find another. Family members are just trying to help, even though it may seem more like emotional extortion to you at the time. If you find yourself in a situation where you must either attend drug treatment in Florida or go to jail, keep an open mind and give drug rehab a chance. As long as you have to go anyway, do your best to get the most out of it. You might be surprised.

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