Do Therapists Offer Drug Testing?

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, please understand that you are not alone. Millions of men, women, and even teenagers struggle every single day with an addiction, whether it is to illegal drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, or a combination of all three. You may even feel as though you have nowhere to turn at this time. However, help is available when you are ready to accept it. You can get clean and sober through the assistance of a qualified, reputable rehab center. All you have to do is make the first step.

Before you commit to a rehab program, you will likely have a few questions. What will happen while I’m there? Do therapists offer drug testing? What should I expect? It’s normal to feel a little apprehension about what will happen during your time there. Let’s take a moment to answer these questions and more.

Picking the right rehab- what are my options?

There are a few options available when you are ready to go into a rehab facility. The most popular include the following:

• Inpatient treatment
• Outpatient treatment
• Residential treatment

It’s important to choose the facility that you believe will work best for your situation. If you need close, continuous medical supervision due to severe withdrawals, check out your local inpatient treatment centers. These facilities generally run out of hospitals or special inpatient treatment centers and offer extensive detox services for severely addicted patients. You may also choose residential or outpatient care. While both are excellent choices, residential care means staying in the facility day and night while outpatient care allows you to go home every day.

Do therapists offer drug testing?

When you are a patient in a rehab facility, you might be wondering whether you will be drug tested or not. The answer will depend on the rules and regulations of the facility. You’ll see a therapist while you are in rehab, for one-on-one therapy sessions every day. The therapists themselves generally do not provide the drug testing you may have to go through. If they think that you are still using while you are a patient, they may request that you take a drug test or breathalyzer to show if you are or not. If this is the case, they will ask the medical staff to provide you with the necessary tools you need to be drug tested. Most therapists do not have the equipment or authorization necessary to provide drug tests to patients.

If you enter a sober living home after therapy, scheduled and random drug tests are a part of the deal. You must remain sober to stay in a sober living facility. Again, your therapist will have nothing to do with the actual testing.

What to expect in rehab

While every rehab facility is different, you can generally expect the same daily routine from each one. Rehab is typically broken up into different categories, such as meals, therapy, holistic activities, volunteer options, and downtime. Take a look at what you can expect during a typical day in rehab.

Private therapy sessions- During one-on-one therapy, you will have the opportunity to speak with an addiction specialist about your problems. This also includes any mental health disorders you may be dealing with.

Group therapy sessions- Group therapy is a required activity while you are a patient. Sessions are generally held at various times during the day, and you will be expected to attend as many as possible.

Family therapy sessions- Not every rehab offers family therapy sessions. Some centers only offer it after you have been a patient for a number of weeks. If you choose to partake in these sessions, they typically take place once a week.

Holistic activities- Many rehabs offer various holistic activities for their patients. This includes yoga, meditation, art therapy, exercise and nutrition information, and even equine therapy.

Volunteering- You may be able to volunteer around the rehab center during your free time when you are a patient. Your therapist will help you decide when and if you are ready for the challenge.

Get the help you need today

If you have any questions about drug tests and therapy, feel free to talk to the center to find out more. They will explain the process in detail; that way, you will know what to expect when you are a patient. We’re here to help you as much as possible during this difficult time. Please contact us at 833-846-5669 to learn more about our facility and what we offer.