Do I Need a Detox Program?

Every movie that shows someone going through the addiction recovery process focuses on them going through detox. They focus on the withdrawal symptoms and difficulties a person has during this initial phase of recovery.

For many people, the biggest thing that prevents them from getting help breaking free from drugs and alcohol is a fear of going through detox. Although detox is not necessary for everyone who goes through a recovery program, it is a key part of the recovery process for many.

How Can a Detox Program Help You?

Detox programs are designed to help you break free from the physical dependency on drugs. It’s important to clarify that detox is not rehab. It is the essential precursor to starting the rehab process.

Many people use medical supervision during detox to help them manage withdrawal symptoms. It is beneficial to go through the detox process at a treatment center as this prevents relapse when facing withdrawal symptoms.

Going through detox in a safe, dignified environment can make a difficult process more bearable. It is comforting to know that you are surrounded by medical professionals who have helped others detox safely.

What Withdrawal Symptoms Will You Experience During Detox?

Each drug and each individual who is addicted to the substance are unique. The withdrawal symptoms you will experience may vary based on the biology of your addiction and the substances you are abusing. Many people experience physical and mental symptoms, including:

  • Tremors
  • Social isolation
  • Sweating
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety

Most withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening. However, there is a risk of serious side effects during withdrawal. In extreme cases, people can suffer strokes, grand mal seizures, hallucinations, or heart attacks. While these extreme cases are rare, it is still best to go through the withdrawal and detox process while being supervised.

Why Is Detox Necessary?

A person battling substance use disorder has difficulty breaking free from their substance use. This is because every time they try to stop, they experience mental, emotional, and physical effects of the drug not being present in their body. Some people may be able to stop using a substance for a short amount of time, but they quickly relapse to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal.

However, if a person wants to break free from substance abuse, they need help and guidance to overcome the challenges substance abuse brings. This is where detox programs come into play.

The first benefit of the detox process is that it helps you stop using drugs and alcohol before starting treatment and rehab. Detox starts with you getting a full evaluation by the rehab center’s team of medical professionals. During this evaluation, they determine your individual needs while looking at your physical and mental state.

They will examine the substances you have been using and compare that with your physical and mental health to establish the best route of detox and treatment.

The next phase of detox is stabilization. You will receive medication and therapy during this stage to help you withdraw comfortably. The therapy is key because it stabilizes you emotionally and mentally. This can prevent you from relapsing. The medications prescribed at a rehab center can minimize withdrawal symptoms’ intensity and discomfort, increasing the likelihood that you will stick with sobriety long-term. Once the detox process is over, you will be given guidance on what you should expect from the next stages of therapy.

What Benefits Will You Get from Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol?

Detox programs help you break free from physical dependency. While you can try to accomplish detox at home, it is safer and a lot more comfortable to do it at a professional treatment facility.

Often, people think that detox is unnecessary. And while each person has a unique journey to recovery, research has shown that those who go through a detox program before starting rehab have an increased chance of success because they took that initial step.

A detox program lets you safely remove drugs or alcohol from your body without being terrified that you will get seriously ill or suffer life-threatening effects. You are surrounded by people who understand the detox process and who can guide you through it safely.

If you are considering attending a detox center, you likely have questions. For example, you may wonder how long detox will take in your case and how you can prepare to get the maximum benefit from the detox process and subsequent therapy. If you’re looking for answers to these and other questions related to rehab, we can help. Contact us today at 833-846-5669.