Do Christian based rehabs work?

Addiction has left you feeling lonely and alone. You\’ve burned your bridges at work, with family, and in your relationships. The source of your addiction has consumed your life. You don\’t know how you can turn yourself in the right direction. You\’re not the only one who has ever felt this way. When addiction takes hold of your mind and body, it pushes away everything else. It\’s time to look beyond yourself. Help is waiting for you. You\’ve always had a strong faith, but it has been shaken in this difficult period in your life. As you search for a recovery program, you have a question. Do Christian based rehabs work?

When it comes to choosing a rehab, the main goal is to find a program that will be effective for you in the long run. Overcoming addiction can be seen as a battle. It isn\’t over the moment you complete treatment. You will need to be vigilant for the rest of your life, staying strong as you step away from substance abuse. Finding a higher power outside yourself, spiritual guidance, and a faith-based community that is supporting you can help you on your journey. While detox and your treatment options may look similar in a Christian rehab as compared to a traditional rehab program, you will be offered something more that will connect with your belief system.

Faith and Medicine Merge Together in a Christian Rehab Program

A typical rehab program involves essential components. They include:

  • The detox stage of treatment
  • A sustained period of time in treatment, lasting 21 days or more
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Outpatient therapy and support

The first step is to stop turning to the source of your addiction. In the past, your efforts may have failed because the cravings were too intense. The source of your addiction was readily available. Negative influences may have included you to continue your addiction. Joining a recovery program gives you distance from the source of your addiction. You\’ll also be surrounded by professionals who will help you through this challenging phase in treatment. Christian based programs will include the same components in a treatment plan with faith as an additional ingredient. When you choose a Christian based rehab, you will be treated on more than a physical level. Your emotional and spiritual well-being will be taken into account as well. You have been hurting. Something in your past or something that has been lacking left a hole inside of you. You tried to fill it with the source of your addiction. A Christian based rehab program will help you to fill it with your faith. It will help you to remember that you never walk alone. There is a spiritual being that is bigger and stronger than all of your weaknesses. When you embrace it, you can find the strength to be free of your addiction.

During your course of treatment, staff members will work closely with you to understand how you ended up where you are today. They\’ll help you to have a new view of yourself and life. You\’ll learn how to forgive yourself for the mistakes you\’ve made. It is time to focus on your inner peace, your faith, and your new lease on life. When God and your faith take center stage, there will no longer be room for the source of your addiction. Most importantly, your Christian based treatment program will help you to love yourself. When you truly love and accept everything about yourself, including your flaws, you will strive to take care of what you love.

Call 833-846-5669 today to speak to one of our representatives about a Christian based rehab program. We want to help you to live your best life. You need to break the walls that addiction has built around your heart and your mind. A rehab program that connects with your faith can help you to find hope again. Don\’t let another minute of your life get away from you. We\’re waiting to talk to you now to help you get started. A Christian based rehab program could be the right choice for you right now.

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