Can You Go to Alcohol Rehabilitation in Florida if You’re Past Retirement Age?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are equal opportunity diseases. They will create mounds of financial, physical, and mental problems for people of all ages. That includes infants and senior citizens, who should be busy living their golden years in peace and quiet. In Florida, all of the top rehab facilities offer addiction treatment services geared towards general groups as well as specific groups. If you are senior suffering in the cycle of alcoholism, you can take comfort in knowing there are rehab facilities in Florida that would be glad to take you in and treat your addiction.

That’s not to say that all facilities will be able to accommodate your needs as a senior citizen. Because of limited bed space, some facilities try to tailor their services towards specific groups that have a lot in common. It’s not a form of discrimination. It’s something that rehab facilities do in order to efficiently manage resources and focus on providing the best care possible. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of drinking, it’s a strong sign you are ready for treatment.

If that’s the case, here are a few ways you can go about locating a Florida rehab facility that accepts seniors:

  • Seek a referral from your family physician
  • Visit a 12 Step meeting and ask for referrals
  • Take your search to the internet
  • Ask family members and friends to assist you

Before you start making contact, you might want to assess your needs. If you believe you would be comfortable in a coed facility with clients of all ages, that’s fine. You should have no problem finding that if you are patient. You might also want to seek help from a rehab facility that specializes in treating seniors. It’s something you might want to consider in terms of you living in an environment in which you will feel comfortable. If you are not keen on the idea of residential treatment, you could always find a good outpatient program. By doing so, you would eliminate a lot of potential problems related to having to fit in with people quite a bit younger than you. It’s a certainty that you will have no problem finding an outpatient treatment facility that gladly treats seniors. Let’s discuss outpatient treatment.

How Outpatient Treatment Works

Before we begin this discussion, you need to know that outpatient treatment only works if the client commits to the process and behaves responsibly. Failure to do those two things will most definitely lead to a relapse. As a person past retirement age, you are likely set in your ways. You would probably do much better living in your own home and sleeping in your own bed. You can do that as part of an outpatient treatment program. What you would have to do is commit to is reporting to the rehab facility on time for scheduled therapy sessions. If you feel you can do that while staying sober, all you would need to do is work with your chosen rehab facility to select an outpatient program. You would want to choose a program that accounts for your concerns as a senior citizen while also giving you the level of care you need.

There are three different types of outpatient programs. From least restrictive to most restrictive, the three programs are (with scheduling requirements):

  • General outpatient (report for 1 or 2 days a week, 1 to 2 hours a day of therapy
  • Intensive outpatient (report for as many as five days a week, up to 6 hours each day for therapy)
  • ?Partial hospitalization (report for at least 5 up to 7 days a week, for as many as 8 hours a day of therapy)

The amount of time you would need to devote to treatment would depend on the extent of your drinking problem. It would be incumbent on you to do everything in your power to fully participate in your own recovery. We do understand how difficult it must be to battle alcoholism as a senior. That’s why we make an effort to make sure senior citizens have access to our treatment services. What you need to do is pick up the phone and contact us at 833-846-5669. During the call, we can discuss how we can address your needs. Our goal would be very simple. We would want to help you get back on track with enjoying your golden years without having to battle alcoholism.