Can You Choose Where You Get Outpatient Drug Treatment After a DUI in Florida?

If you have been charged with a DUI and face court-ordered drug treatment in Florida, you have a right to choose the facility. In many cases, a judge will order someone to rehab instead of jail to help them treat their substance abuse and avoid further crimes. In many cases, the U.S. penal system fails its inmates. Many people who are released from jail wind up committing further crimes, especially if they struggled with substance abuse in the past.

Even though you’ve been ordered to find an outpatient rehab in Florida, you still have options. The type of program and duration may also be mandated, so your unique situation will affect what type of drug treatment you receive. You will most likely also have to pay for your own rehab, though many facilities accept health insurance and offer additional financing options.

The Effectiveness of Court-ordered Drug Rehab

Many family members worry that drug treatment won’t be effective for people who are ordered to go. Although some people may be resistant to rehab, others often find that their DUI or other charge is the type of wake-up call they needed.

Whether it’s court-ordered or voluntary, the success of rehab all depends on the attitude of the patient. If you go to treatment with an open mind and commitment to get sober, your results can be as good as someone who checked themselves in on their own accord.

What if I don’t complete the program?

Failure to complete a court-ordered drug treatment program in Florida will most likely result in a jail sentence. If you have the chance to avoid spending time in jail and overcome addiction in the process, don’t waste it. Outpatient drug treatment centers are highly effective in treating mild addictions, but intensive day programs and treatment options are available for people with more severe addictions.

Find Your Outpatient Rehab Center Today

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