Can Two Drug Addicts Get Clean Together?

Drug and alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome, but it can be done. Some addicts find the idea of trying to quit by themselves impossible, so they seek help from another addict who has already beaten their addiction. This strategy could work for some people because one addict will provide support while the other recovers. This article discusses ways in which two drug alcoholics can get clean together.

Finding Another Addict Who Is Serious About Getting Clean

It can be easy for an addict to find someone who seems ready to get clean. However, that person could relapse days or even hours after being offered help. Some addicts have experienced this firsthand when they initially wanted help but then decided not to go through with it at the last minute. For this reason, anyone looking for a partner should look for someone who has demonstrated their commitment to recovery in the past. This determination can be made by speaking with previous employers, family members or other people close to the person in question. If these people say that the person tried rehab one time and relapsed soon after, then perhaps that person isn\’t right helping create a sober life together.

Having Realistic Expectations

When it comes to getting clean, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is especially true when two addicts are working together. Both people need to be honest about what they can and cannot do. If one person expects the other to abstain from all drugs and alcohol, then disappointment and resentment are likely to ensue when that goal isn\’t met. On the other hand, if both people are willing to work together, they can help each other stay on track.

Setting Boundaries

Just as addicts need to be realistic about what they can and cannot do, it\’s also necessary to set boundaries with each other. This means that both people need to agree on how many contacts they will have, what each person\’s responsibilities are and what kind of support is required. If these boundaries aren\’t respected, it can be difficult for either addict to maintain their sobriety.

Using Positive Reinforcement

One way to help two addicts stay clean together is by using positive reinforcement. This could involve things like congratulating the other person when they make a good decision or encouraging when things get tough. On the other hand, negative reinforcement should be avoided at all costs. This includes things like yelling, shaming or threatening the other person. Doing this is only likely to cause them to relapse in the future.

Avoiding Triggers

When two people work together to get clean, one of the most important things they can do is avoid triggers. This means that perhaps neither person should spend time with their old friends and acquaintances who use drugs and alcohol. Similarly, they shouldn\’t go to bars or clubs. This way, there won\’t be any temptation for either person.

Sharing Responsibilities

One major factor in whether or not an addict can stay clean is whether or not they have a job. Suppose two addicts want to help each other by getting clean together. In that case, both people need to find employment as soon as possible to contribute financially and emotionally to the partnership. Nobody wants a new life without having a means of support, especially if they still feel like they need to use drugs and alcohol.

Letting Go Of Grudges

Even after two people have gotten clean together, they may still find themselves arguing about past events if they haven\’t forgiven each other. If one person has never forgiven the other for something that took place before their sobriety, then it\’s possible that neither person can move on from what happened in the past. This is why both addicts need to forgive each other to live in the present instead of letting things from the past affect their future chances at recovery.

Being Flexible And Ready To Adapt

Once two people agree to help each other get clean, there will likely be some speed bumps along the road. This is normal and shows that both addicts are human. If there is a problem, then they need to communicate with each other to fix it. In some situations, this may mean relapsing to get back on track with recovery, but long-term sobriety should always be the goal regardless of the temporary setbacks that arise from time to time. Are you an alcoholic or addict considering getting clean with a partner? No matter your situation, you can find what you need here with us to help you every step of the way. If you\’re looking for an alcohol rehab facility or drug addiction treatment center, choose one that specializes in working with couples and families so that they can provide you with everything necessary for a successful recovery journey. Call us at 833-846-5669.

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