Can Spouses Go to the Same Heroin Outpatient Rehab Center?

Many couples who struggle through addiction together want to attend the same rehab and support one another on the path to recovery. At the beginning, heroin probably played a huge role in your relationship. Whether you were both users, started using together or one of you introduced the other to drugs, getting high together is almost an intimate act between couples. But the high eventually wears off, and as addiction tightens its grip around you, it starts to suffocate your relationship, too.

Deciding to get sober as a couple is a great decision, and the support you can offer one another will be a valuable asset during your recovery. But can spouses go to the same rehab together, or, more importantly, should they?

Couple Addiction Therapy for Heroin

Heroin is a highly addictive drug with potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Due to the nature of its addiction, most substance abuse experts recommend going through an inpatient detox program to initially quit using and follow up with outpatient therapy.

The rules will vary from each rehab facility, but generally, most rehabs prefer to take an individual approach to treatment. Couples addiction therapy is a difficult challenge because there are a lot of personal contributions to addiction that need addressed. Even if you both started using together, your addiction is still individual and requires its own committed treatment and recovery action plan.

For couples who want to go through rehab together, the best plan would be to attend an outpatient rehab center individually and take additional couple addiction and group therapy sessions together. Couples struggling with addiction need to resolve a lot of issues within themselves in order to be the supportive, encouraging partner they wish to be. One spouse may be more hesitant or reluctant to attend rehab than another, and if you’re only going together, this impedes your own recovery as well. It’s important to understand that, as a married couple, you have to be able to prioritize your individual mental health and physical well-being in order to truly be there for each other.

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