Can My Daughter Get Help at a Detox Center for Xanax?

If you are searching for drug addiction help for your daughter, it’s important to find a clinic that understands and treats various addictions. If your daughter has been abusing the prescription drug Xanax and needs to go through detox and therapy, head to a rehab facility right away.

Understanding a Xanax Addiction

Alprazolam, or Xanax, is a benzodiazepine that affects the central nervous system. It is typically prescribed to individuals suffering from anxiety or panic disorders. Even when it is taken as prescribed, Xanax has a high potential to become addictive. Because of this, it is very important to know what to look for if your daughter or another loved one has been prescribed the drug.

The physical signs of a possible Xanax addiction can include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Lack of coordination
• Drowsiness
• Headache
• Slurred speech
• Decreased sex drive
• Upset stomach
• Dizziness
• Constipation

If your daughter has developed a physical dependence on Xanax, do not push for her to stop taking the medication all at once. Very severe withdrawal symptoms can occur when the drug is stopped cold turkey.

The Psychological Aspect of Xanax Addiction

An addiction to Xanax occurs when the individual feels they need more and more of the drug to feel better. Some individuals will begin to need the drug to function normally. Many people feel as though they are not able to deal with life without Xanax in their system.

Other psychological aspects of Xanax addiction could include the following:

• Problems with memory
• Manic mood swings
• Lack of motivation
• Sudden irritability for no real reason
• Confusion
• Becoming more talkative
• Excessive tiredness
• Avoiding responsibilities

If your daughter was usually outgoing and energetic, a Xanax addiction could cause her to become lethargic and apathetic to her situation. This is because the drug slows down function within the brain and spinal cord. When someone takes a higher dose of the drug than they are supposed to, they often become less active and motivated than they normally have been.

How to Get Help

The first step for a Xanax addiction is to get help for your daughter. A reputable rehab center will help you with the steps necessary to admit her. Remember, you should never insist that your daughter stop taking the medication cold turkey. A monitored detox will help her body get rid of the drug slowly and carefully. Call or stop in to talk to the staff at an addiction center to learn more.

During the intake process, the therapists and doctors will ask your daughter specific questions about her Xanax abuse. They will want to know how much she takes, how many times per day she takes the pills, and how long she has been using. They will also need to know if she is taking any other prescription or illegal drugs. This allows the treatment team to develop a program tailored to her specific needs.

The rehab will also ask about your daughter’s health and medical history, as well as financial information. When the initial interview is over, she will likely be sent for an in-depth medical evaluation. This will include blood and urine tests to access the severity of her drug use.

Medically-Supervised Detox

Your daughter will be closely monitored during the detox portion of the program. Withdrawal from Xanax can cause any number of physical symptoms. A medically assisted detox will always be customized to the personal needs of every patient, including your daughter. She may or not be given medication to combat the more serious symptoms of withdrawal. She will have access to a medical team the entire time she is in rehab but especially during detox.

Once the detox has been successful, your daughter may begin the additional portions of rehab. This will include individual and group counseling, holistic treatments, family therapy, and aftercare. If she has any underlying mood disorders, they will also be addressed during her stay. This is known as a dual diagnosis and is a crucial part of rehab. When she has finished her stay in rehab, her therapists will help set her up with aftercare services. Continued counseling and support groups are crucial for anyone struggling with an addiction.

Call Today for More Information

If your daughter has become addicted to Xanax and needs help, don’t hesitate to get her into a rehab that can give it to her. Give us a call today at 833-846-5669 to find out more. We’re ready to take care of her every need.