Can I Undergo a Prescription Pill Detox if I Have Chronic Pain?

The pain pill addiction epidemic has reached epic proportions, and the issue of people becoming dependent upon these pills is only continuing to grow. If you’ve recently realized that you may have a problem with pain pills, then you should know that you are not alone. Many people begin using medication that their doctors prescribe to deal with chronic pain. While this does help to provide them with comfort, it is common to realize that they no longer work like they once did. This is due to your body’s development of tolerance to the drug. The majority of pain pills are opioids that bind to certain receptors in your brain that block pain signals coming from your nerves. These same receptors are also what makes it so hard to stop using the pills once you are ready to end your addiction. Essentially, a chemical bond is formed between the pills and your brain that is hard to break without feeling some sort of withdrawal symptoms. If you’ve ever tried to quit on your own before, then these symptoms may be what is causing you to wonder if it is possible to undergo prescription pill detox if you have chronic pain.

The process of getting off of addictive prescription pain pills should always be done with the help of a professional. This is because the symptoms that you face can reach severe and life threatening levels if you have developed a severe dependency on the drug. These are a few of the most common withdrawal symptoms that you might experience during your initial detox.

• nausea
• severe muscle pain
• respiratory distress
• heart palpitations
• insomnia
• mood swings
• seizures

The good news is that most of these symptoms are manageable when you visit a detox center that is staffed with supportive people who know how to ease your discomfort. You also need to remember that detox is only the first step toward ending your addiction. A full recovery requires you to find new ways to manage your chronic pain and cope with any mental or emotional challenges that you face from dealing with your other health conditions.

 How to Treat Chronic Pain During Prescription Pill Addiction Recovery 

A prescription pill detox program has everything that you need to begin your recovery. Although you will have some challenging moments, you will find them much more possible to manage when you are in a treatment center with amenities that increase your comfort. Your detox treatment plan begins with an assessment of your current state of health that includes how your prescription pills are prescribed along with how you take them. This is the time to be honest about your habits. Your detox treatment team needs to know how much you take on a regular basis so that they can prepare to help you through your withdrawal symptoms. They may also ask you to provide them with a detailed history of how you came to need help dealing with chronic pain. Keep in mind that any questions that you are asked are only meant to help develop a personalized treatment plan that gets you sober.

When you’ve been dealing with an addiction to prescription pain pills, it can seem impossible that you might be able to deal with your chronic pain without addictive medications. Yet, it really is possible to break free from the chains of addiction without feeling miserable. In a detox center, you may be provided with other types of medication that can help to ease your symptoms. If you are given a medication, it is usually done so with the purpose of helping you to switch to a non-addictive type. Natural methods for pain relief and withdrawal symptom control are also preferred over anything with chemicals. You will learn how to use non-medicated forms of pain control such as meditation and massage therapy. Most detox programs also include counseling and recreational therapy in the treatment plan as well. These help you to address any mental health issues that exacerbate your pain, and you will find that engaging in recreational activities helps to keep your mind off of your discomfort and cravings for prescription pills. Once you finish detox, you will then be ready to begin working on more intensive forms of counseling that help you to stay off the pills for good.

There is no easy answer to your body’s dependency on prescription pain pills, but there is one sure way to begin the process of healing. We can help you find out how to safely detox from prescription pills so that you can return to your former state of happiness and vitality. Call us today at 833-846-5669.