Can I Transfer From One Treatment Center To Another To Do My Outpatient After Residential?

Once you complete detox, you will need to move into rehab. If you didn\’t have access to a local detox, you may be far from home when you complete the process. If you are cleared to do outpatient rehab, it may be possible that you can complete you treatment closer to home.

Can I transfer from one treatment center to another to do my outpatient follow-up after residential treatment? While such a transfer is possible, your insurance company may not choose to work with you. Before you enter detox and rehab, it is important that you talk to your insurance provider and your employer as applicable to make sure you get the best care, under the best coverage, that you can find. A monitored detox is the safest option for anyone planning to attend any form of rehab, but it will not be cheap if you have to pay for it out of pocket.

Finding Rehab That Works for Your Life

Of the greatest benefits for those entering rehab in the 21st century is the chance to do it online. As you plan your entry into detox and the following rehab therapies, make sure you ask about this flexible and personal option. If you are a parent who needs to be home as soon as possible to care for children, you may be able to undergo a short in-person detox, intense in-house rehab for a short time to build your skills, and a long outpatient rehab program from the comfort of your own home. For those who need help managing the mental health issues or pain rebound that can occur after detox, you may be better off with access to a close personal rehab where you can get access to mental health assessments and pain management. Every addict is different; every care program will need some customization and tailoring to make sure that your rehab process flows as smoothly as possible.

Do make sure that you connect with your care team about your need to relocate. Your entire team will need to know about your need to move so continuous care can be provided. They may also need to sign off on the transfer to keep your insurance benefits consistent. Whether you\’re undergoing in person rehab or receiving counseling online, it is critical that your care is consistent. The mental reset that anyone undergoing detox and rehab needs to make will require regular contact with the folks that can help you manage new symptoms, increased stress, or mental health challenges that may have been masked by the drugs in your system. If your choice to transfer is in relation to a personality conflict, the waters grow murkier. Your rehab counselors will likely rub you the wrong way, particularly in the early stages when your feelings are especially raw and your emotions are at a ragged edge.

The choice to leave rehab for another facility to find professional help that may be more to your liking will probably not be well received by insurance company, especially if you choose to move out of your network coverage. Before taking such a step, do make sure that you communicate with your insurance provider for the best advice on how to maintain your coverage for the cost of rehab. Getting out of rehab with costly medical bills will not be good for your stress level as you move back into the world. Worse, it may set you back in terms of the emotional work that you need to do to allow your spirit and mind to heal. One of the greatest challenges for anyone undergoing detox and rehab is the loss of community, particularly if you have been using with like-minded people for a long time.

The people you meet in rehab may not be easy to get along with. You may see unpleasant aspects of your own personality in the people who join you for group therapies. Your counselors may push you to look at aspects of your life that you don\’t want to face. However, this is the work that has to happen for you to move back into the world as a recovering addict. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-846-5669.

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