Can I Lose My Medical License if I Seek Confidential Addiction Treatment at Rehab Centers in Delray Beach, Florida?

If you are a practicing medical personnel, you may fear seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction so as not to hurt your career. However, you can seek help and still maintain your job. If you seek confidential addiction treatment from rehab centers in Delray Beach, Florida, your situation will not be disclosed to your employer. Instead, you will be offered the assistance you seek and increase the chances of maintaining your job.

Those who seek addiction treatment are likely to keep their jobs and, at times, get promotions. More importantly, your choice is protected by job security acts and laws in the country. Consequently, your employer cannot fire you for seeking treatment if you are working in a private health facility. Besides, if you are wondering how to overcome the shame connected with addiction, do not forget that those who seek treatment are portrayed as people of strong personality in the society. On the other hand, those who fail to seek treatment and let the addiction destroy them are looked down upon.

How can I seek Confidential Addiction Treatment from Rehab Centers in Delray Beach, Florida?

After discovering you have an addiction problem, the most critical step is to seek assistance. All you have to do is visit the rehab center of your choice and explain your case. You will discuss with your assistant the kind of treatment that will be effective, depending on your situation. If your addiction has been affecting your work performance, you may be recommended to be enrolled in an inpatient program. In such a case, you will have to do the following.

• Be honest with your employer that you are seeking treatment or request for a leave for a specified period. Your current working situation will determine the decision to make.

• Hand over all your current patients or work projects. It would be best if you tied any loose ends before you leave. You can coordinate with your colleagues or employer to take up your tasks while you are away.

• Tell your coworkers you will take a leave of absence. Don’t forget that you are entitled to privacy, anytime you seek addiction treatment. Consequently, you do not have to share your problem if you do not want to.

You can seek treatment anonymously without informing the state medical board. If you voluntarily seek addiction treatment, it is possible to get treatment without notifying the board. Moreover, you can seek private help whereby you enroll in a private program away from other members of the public. In both inpatient and outpatient programs, patients receive guidance from an expert on how to overcome the addiction. You will be detoxified, treated, and counseled. After completing the program, you are likely to be enrolled in an aftercare plan so as not to relapse. The most crucial thing after overcoming addiction is to maintain sobriety.

As a practicing medical personnel seeking confidential treatment is the right decision because;

• You will get professional help and eventually get treatment for your addiction. Drug or alcohol addiction is a disease that requires professional treatment.

• It will save your job after all. If you fail to seek treatment, your condition is likely to worsen. It can result in fatal consequences, such as being fired.

• It will help you be a better medical personnel. If you are an addict, you are likely to make mistakes when diagnosing patients. Such mistakes can have lethal outcomes, like a patient’s death.

• It will save you from shame and guilt. Initially, it is possible to hide the addiction from friends, family, coworkers, or your boss. However, it will get to a point, and you will not manage without the substance. Everyone will know you are an addict and you will feel ashamed.

Medical personnel often hold themselves to a high standard. Consequently, they feel that they should be helping patients to get better. People consult them for help and wonder if they can do the same. The only option if you have an addiction problem is to seek help from a treatment center. There is no reason to be scared of losing your license since your privacy will be protected. Once done with treatment, you will return to work as a healthy and happy person.

Seeking treatment for alcohol or drug abuse can be frightening. It’s okay if you are scared. However, you can get better if you seek confidential treatment from rehab centers at Delray Beach, Florida. Ready to get started, call us today at 833-846-5669.