Can I Get My Spouse Same-Day Treatment at a Recovery Center in West Palm Beach?

If you are looking for ways to help your spouse overcome his or her addiction, you have come to the right place. Addiction is a disease that can cause serious issues within a family unit, particularly between two spouses. Your spouse may be ready to go into treatment today, a choice that should be highly encouraged to happen. You may be asking the question, can I get my spouse same-day treatment at a recovery center in West Palm Beach? If so, read on to learn more.

Addiction and Family

When one spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol in a home, the other may need to take on multiple roles that they are not prepared for. As an example, a spouse may have to become the breadwinner of the family, take full responsibility for the kids, and take on all of the household responsibilities. When this happens, the sober spouse will likely begin to feel angry and resentful towards the other. These feelings, if left unresolved, can begin to worsen over time. At some point, the spouse may decide he or she has had enough and leave.

Luckily, treatment at a reputable recovery center is the answer. If your spouse has made the decision to take responsibility for his or her addiction, getting them checked into rehab should take top priority. It’s important to get them into treatment right away if you can. Addiction can quickly and easily destroy a marriage but with the right help, your spouse can be on their way to sobriety.

Dealing with a Crisis

Your spouse is dealing with a crisis now and has decided that they are ready to begin a drug treatment program. As a spouse, you know how important it is to get them into treatment right away. Are you able to find a center that will take him today?

In some cases, it is necessary to get a spouse into same-day rehab. If they are dealing with a medical emergency, such as an overdose, medical assistance may be necessary. This may be the best chance to have to get them into treatment. Being released after a medical emergency will only give your spouse the chance to use again. Admitting them into rehab, as soon as you can, gives them a higher chance of getting sober.

Is Today the Day for Rehab?

The most important benefit of same-day admittance into a rehab facility is the fact that your spouse will have immediate access to the treatment they need. How will you know when the time comes? Consider the following questions that will help you determine how severe their drug use is:

• Do they lie about how much they use drugs or drink?
• Do they downplay their addiction?
• Do they spend everything they have to get high or drunk?
• Do they borrow money or steal for drugs or alcohol?
• Are they dealing with health issues due to their addiction?
• Have they had legal problems because of their addiction, such as a DUI or drug possession charge?
• Has their personality changed for the worst?

If your spouse is willing and able to get into rehab today, we can help you find an immediate program that fits your needs. It’s important not to wait when your spouse says they are willing to go.

Finding a Program Today

Finding a treatment program should be your number one priority when your spouse says they are finally ready for treatment. You may have to call around to find a rehab that will see him right away. Once you find a center, get your spouse there as soon as you can to have him admitted. He’ll go through the intake process to learn what to expect while he is a patient. We can give you the assistance and support you are looking for during this stressful time.

Your spouse will have the chance to detox in a safe, understanding environment, surrounded by doctors and support staff. They may be given medication to help them get over the worst of their withdrawal symptoms. From there, they will partake in multiple therapy sessions over the course of a few weeks or longer. As their spouse, you will have a chance to visit them and attend family therapy together.

Don’t Delay- Call Us Now!

Don’t hesitate when your spouse is ready. We are here to find a same-day treatment center for your loved one. With monitored detox and therapy, your spouse will soon learn how to live without needing to use drugs or alcohol. Call us at 833-846-5669.