Can I Get an Alcohol Evaluation Done at a Clinic if I Don’t Have a General Practitioner?

If you have a court order to undergo an alcohol evaluation, you may be left with more than a few questions about the process. Unfortunately, the courtroom may not be the place to ask them. One question that’s all too common in the modern world is where to go if you don’t have a general practitioner who you see regularly. Most people don’t see doctors unless they become seriously injured or ill. In truth, there are many places you can go to get your alcohol evaluation and area clinics are just a few of those places.

Actually, any doctor or nurse can provide the alcohol evaluation you need to comply with the court order. Additionally, counselors, therapists, social workers, and psychologists are all qualified to provide an alcohol evaluation. If one of these professionals determines that you do suffer from alcoholism and you go through the process of addiction treatment, you will find that you will have to go through the same evaluation process repeatedly. The evaluation is the best way to determine how you’re progressing with your recovery, so you should expect to answer those same questions multiple times.

What is CAGE?

When it comes to the alcohol evaluation, you’ll find this is one of those standard tests that all healthcare professionals use. It’s called the CAGE test, because it’s easy to remember. It’s an acronym, which draws its name from the first letter of each question in the test. The CAGE test is comprised of these four questions:

  • Cutting Down: Do you ever feel you should cut down on your drinking?
  • Annoyance: Do you ever get annoyed by criticism of your drinking habits?
  • Guilt: Does drinking alcohol ever leave you feeling guilty?
  • Eye Opener: Do you ever have the urge to take a drink as soon as you wake up in the morning?

In answering these questions, more than one “yes” response indicates that there may be an addiction problem. In that case, you may be compelled to undergo a more intensive assessment. Often, people recognize a problem in themselves as they’re confronted by these questions and that may be enough to prompt them to seek addiction treatment voluntarily. If you feel as though you have a drinking problem, seeking professional help now is the next step toward recovery.

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