Can I Find a Delray Beach Drug Rehab That Works with Transgender Patients?

If you are a transgender man or woman that struggle with addiction and want to be free from that bondage, Delray Beach has drug rehabs that work with transgender patients and are understanding and affirming of them. While all Delray Beach drug rehabs work with transgender patients, certain drug rehabs specialize in only caring for transgender and other sexual minority patients.

A Delray Beach drug rehab that specializes in treating transgender patients typically has:

• Educated, Supportive Counselors and Staff
A rehab that specializes in treating transgender patients will have counselors and staff that are fully educated on the biology and psychology of transgender gender identity; therefore, you will never feel misunderstood or excluded. The counseling that you will receive will be geared towards learning to love yourself for who you and coping with your relationships with others that may be affected by your gender identity.

• Private Rooms and Bathrooms Areas
Transgender-specific rehabs often offer private bedrooms and bathrooms to keep where you are in the transition process private and avoid conflicts about appropriate sleeping arrangements and bathroom designations.

• Other Clients Who are Going are Working to Overcoming the Same Struggles
Even though most general rehabs will have staff who are educated about and supportive of transgender gender identity and the related issues, chances are not all of the other clients will be or capable of understanding the specific issues you face as a sexual minority. Being in a transgender-specific rehab with other transgender clients will help you feel like you are not alone and learn solutions from clients who are working on overcoming the same struggles.

Why the LGBT+ Population Faces Addiction Issues So Much

Sexual minorities, who are now often referred to as the “LGBT+” population, often face addiction issues. While 9 percent of the general population struggles with substance use disorders, 25 percent of LGBT issues struggle with substance use disorders. The percent is a bit higher for the transgender population, which is 30 percent.

LGBT people often deal with issues in their relationships and position in society such as being disowned by or in conflict with family and friends, thrown out of their family homes, victims of bullying and hate crimes, stigmatized in the media, and subject to workplace discrimination. All of these issues have negative psychological effects such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, etc., which can become the underlying causes for substance use and other addictive disorders.

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