Are There Any Scholarships or Grants That Can Pay for Drug Rehab?

Are you looking for a grant or scholarship to pay for your drug rehabilitation? If yes, then you need to explore your options. Here are some of them.

Scholarship Application to Cover Drug Rehabilitation Expense

In the beginning, you want to find rehabilitation facilities that treat your drug problem. You should determine if the scholarship will pay for the rehabilitation service expenses without requiring insurance. Numerous scholarships are available for the particular reason of assisting you to pay for rehab when you don’t have insurance.

Centers of treatment can provide scholarships by requesting for contributions and donations from various beneficiaries and donors. Once you get a treatment center that provides a scholarship to aid in covering the drug rehab expense, there is a high likelihood you will undergo a process of application to begin.

Grants for Covering Drug Rehabilitation Expense

In addition to offering access to drug abuse resources, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) also provides grants to assist in covering the expense of drug rehabilitation. SAMHSA provides block grants, which are grants that are mandated by Congress to fund substance abuse and mental health services.

Block grants enable treatment centers to fund therapies and treatments that are uncovered by insurance firms or other services such as Medicare and Medicaid. They also enable rehab centers to invest resources and time into activities and programs that focus on preventing substance abuse. Additionally, these grants offer and support services for individuals who lack insurance.

Drug Rehabilitation Expense Covered by Insurance Firms

The type of insurance possessed by an individual and the policies and funding of the treatment centers are the factors that affect the ability of insurance firms to cover drug rehabilitation. A majority of private insurance plans are either HMO or PPO plans.

PPO is an abbreviation for Preferred Provider Organization, and the plan provides flexibility for the doctors that can be seen by a patient and could have more coverage of service. Even though PPO plans are more costly than other insurance plans that are private, numerous PPO’s have a high likelihood of covering some drug rehabilitation expense.

The Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO plan, depends on a network of healthcare options and doctors to offer care and treatment for patients. This network offers a standard of care and lower rates, but you will be limited to few healthcare providers. HMO plans cover some drug rehab cost.

Whether you qualify for one or all, you are an application away from your treatment. Apply now and call 833-846-5669 for help.