Are Fancy Rehabs Covered By Health Insurance?

Modern addiction treatment often looks more like you are going to a resort rather than the hospitalized environments that people checked into in the past. You’ve likely seen several fancy rehabs during your search for addiction treatment programs, or you may have read about celebrities staying in spa-style resorts. Either way, you’ve got to admit that recovering in a luxury environment can make ending your addiction easier. Fancy rehabs often include amenities that people find desirable such as private rooms, swimming pools, gyms and chef-prepared menus. Naturally, you want to get the most out of your treatment program, which leads to the question of whether or not fancy rehabs are covered by health insurance. The answer to this question can vary somewhat, but you may enjoy knowing that most health insurance plans do cover a wide range of different types of rehab programs.

The first thing to learn about getting your health insurance to pay for rehab is that you don’t always need fancy amenities to help you enjoy a strong recovery. The most important factor in your success is your motivation to kick your addiction to the curb. The second most essential factor is to choose a rehab center that offers a robust program that includes intensive counseling that helps you dig deep into the underlying reasons for your addiction. After that, the sky is the limit, and there’s no reason not to consider your personal preferences. Some people simply need a private room to feel comfortable and safe while they work through past personal traumas. Others need a swimming program to keep up their favorite way to de-stress. In all cases, you desire to quit using drugs or alcohol should be met with a steady stream of support.

How to Get the Best Addiction Treatment Possible

There are several steps to take to find out what rehabs your health insurance covers. All health insurance programs are required to provide some level of coverage for addiction treatment, but the amount can vary significantly from one plan to another. In most cases, insurance programs are less concerned about how fancy a program is and more concerned with making sure that you get the appropriate treatment. To start exploring what your health insurance covers, you can take the following actions.

  • Read through your current plan
  • Contact the customer service department to ask about covered facilities
  • Look at the level of coverage for inpatient vs. outpatient stays
  • Find out which facilities are in-network and out-of-network

Keep in mind that figuring out health insurance coverages gets confusing even for people who are experienced with this type of thing. It is perfectly acceptable to ask someone associated with your preferred rehab center for help. You may also wan to be prepared to combine several options to create a personalized and affordable treatment plan. Many people choose to go to an out-of-network rehab program to make sure that they get to go where they feel the most comfortable, and some portion of the treatment may still be covered by your health insurance plan. Others choose to do a shorter inpatient stay at their luxury-style facility and follow up their care with outpatient counseling. Figuring out ways to work with the coverage that you have makes it possible to attend the right program for your needs.

Once you’ve worked out the insurance part, you’ll want to start getting into the right mindset to get the most out of the program. A fancy facility will only do so much if you aren’t ready to focus on what you need to do in your counseling sessions. Make sure to reach out to the admissions team to find out what you need to bring for your stay. At a fancy rehab, you shouldn’t need much since things such as food, bedding and towels are already provided. Yet, you might want to bring your swimsuit or favorite pair of yoga pants. No matter where you go for treatment, you’ll want to make sure that you have some social support such as a family member or friend who can visit if its allowed or call you to provide you with some encouragement. As a final note, plan to arrange for your home, children and pets to be cared for while you are away. Leaving the stress of your daily life at home helps you to fully relax and soak up the peacefulness of your rehab’s community.

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