Are All Affordable Rehab Center Options on an Outpatient Only Basis?

Did you know over 19 million Americans aged twelve years and older have reported to suffer from some form of substance abuse disorder? The larger percentage constitutes adults aged 25 years and above, about one million teenagers, five million young adults, and about half a million adolescents. The most common substances that are abused are narcotics and alcohol. Such behaviors place the country’s economy at a standstill due to reduced human resources and high drug addiction treatment costs. By 2017, data released by the National Survey On Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that over $740 billion is used in addiction treatment programs. Out of the over 19 million addicts who needed help, only 4% managed to seek professional help.

Rehabilitation centers are expensive, and most addicts lack health insurance to cover the cost. Therefore, you may find that such addicts opt to do a home detox, which can be dangerous due to the adverse withdrawal symptoms. Alternatively, they may seek affordable outpatient programs to reduce the financial implications. Are All Affordable Rehab Center Options on an Outpatient Only Basis? Most people do not know that there are various free or low-cost rehabilitation centers set up by private, state, church, or government-owned institutions that offer free drug rehabilitation. This article will highlight the different free or affordable drug rehab options that one has and how to access them easily. Fighting addiction is a constant battle, and drug rehabilitation costs should not hinder you from being drug-free and evolving to become the best version of yourself.

Finding The Right Rehab.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSH) provides a search engine tool that aids you or your loved one in identifying the nearest drug treatment centers in your locale. Additionally, the search engine tool offers information on the various rehabilitation centers, the cost, the type of programs available, and the amenities.

The Free State-Funded Drug Rehabilitation Program.

Most states offer drug rehab centers at little or no cost. Such state-funded rehab centers provide both in-patient and outpatient programs. However, for such institutions, one needs to meet specific criteria.

The Criteria To Enter State Funded Drug Rehabilitation Program

  • One must provide proof of citizenship in the said state.
  • One must be a legal United States of America citizen.
  • Proof of lack of income, insurance, or the ability to pay for rehabilitation.
  • Such individuals must present with signs of addiction or struggling to quit addiction.

For state-funded drug rehabilitation centers, certain groups of individuals are prioritized. These are:

  • Pregnant women struggling with addiction.
  • Addict mothers who have children that are less than one year of age.
  • Pregnant women addicted to Intravenous drugs.
  • Anyone who is addicted to intravenous drugs.

It is important to note that different states have different requirements to enter state-funded rehabilitation centers. However, the basic requirement is proof of residency and evidence to indicate one’s inability to cover the costs associated with addiction drug treatment. If you are seeking a state-funded drug rehab program, visit the SAMHSA website. They have a directory for single state agencies that offer substance abuse and rehabilitation services. Fill in the required information, and the search engine will highlight available state-funded rehab centers near your locale.

Faith-Based Free Rehabilitation Centers.

The Salvation Army is well-known in the provision of drug rehab centers at little or no cost. Their rehabilitation centers offer detoxification programs, in-patient, and outpatient programs. Additionally, they provide anonymous support programs and free counseling sessions for recovering addicts out of rehab. Salvation Army is not the only religious group providing such services; there are other religious groups. For faith-based rehabilitation programs, the spiritual aspect is heavily incorporated to help addicts find faith and a religion that identifies with them. To join a faith-based drug rehabilitation center, ask religious leaders and priests in your locale to direct you or your loved one to the nearest one available.

The Non-Profit Drug Rehabilitation Centers.

Non-profit rehabilitation facilities either fund free rehab centers or operate a free rehab center. There over 30 available non-profit rehab centers in the United States. Such organizations work to provide a safe space where addicts can detox and recover from addiction and offer support groups to recovering addicts. Additionally, they create campaigns to raise awareness on issues concerning substance abuse and addiction. To enroll in such non-profit organizations, visit their website and register. The registration and programs are free. If you, a friend or your loved one is suffering from addiction and the cost of seeking rehabilitation is an issue, consider the above options. For further inquiries, contact us on 833-846-5669.