Am I Protected by Law If I Seek Drug Treatment in South Florida with My Employee Health Insurance?

You can’t take your struggle with your addiction any longer. You’ve watched it destroy everything that is good in your life. There is only one direction you are headed if you don’t make a change right now. You’ve tried to beat the source of your addiction by yourself. Withdrawal symptoms and temptation always brought you back to square one. You want to seek professional help to finally take charge of your health, but you’re afraid you’ll lose your job. Don’t let fear stop you from taking a positive step forward. You are protected by law if you seek drug treatment in South Florida with your employee health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act required the majority of healthcare providers to offer some type of coverage for addiction treatment. The extent of the coverage depends on the plan offered by your employer. The Americans with Disabilities Act is on your side as well. Addictions are considered a type of disability. Your employer cannot discriminate against you because of your addiction, nor can you be fired, as long as you seek treatment. You also have the added protection of the Family Medical Leave Act, otherwise referred to as FMLA. In order to qualify for FMLA, you must work for a private employer with at least 50 employees. You must have at least a year of work history and 1250 hours of work in that year. If you meet those qualifications, you are entitled for a total of 12 weeks of leave. During that time, your job is protected. You may nor may not get paid. It depends on your job and any paid time off you have accumulated.

Your Employer Needs to Accept What is Best for You

Addiction will get in the way when it comes to doing your job well. Your employer should be understanding when you put in the request for time off to seek treatment. If you choose to take your leave under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you may be able to take time off with complete confidentiality. If you need to inform your employer that you are entering a treatment facility for addiction, you cannot be fired. Bring an advocate with you, such as a union representative, when it is time to discuss the length of your leave and your responsibilities. Your employer will advise you if you need to apply for FMLA. You will also learn if you will be paid during treatment.

Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way to Addiction Recovery

Entering an addiction recovery center can be frightening. You have a long list of questions that are weighing on your mind, including:

  • How long will you need to be in treatment?
  • Will you need outpatient or inpatient treatment?
  • How much of your treatment program is covered by insurance?
  • What will you do if you are not going to be paid during treatment?
  • Is success guaranteed?

It’s normal to have doubts and uncertainty when you are faced with an unknown. You need to remember that the future without recovery will be worse.

Your Recovery Specialists Can Give You Hope

Your addiction recovery professionals are here to help you overcome all your doubts and fears. They’ll sit down with you to discuss your questions. They’ll tell you about your treatment plan. They’ll work with your insurance company to inform you about your coverage. You’ll be given options for treatment. Medical professionals will help you to choose the best plan of attack that will help you.

Take the Journey to a New Beginning One Day at a Time

Addiction won’t disappear in a day. You will need a knowledgeable care team while you undergo treatment. You also have to be patient as you let go of who you used to be to become someone new. Your confidence will grow with each successful phase of treatment until you find your way to freedom.

This is your chance to find out what it’s like to live without the crutch of addiction. As long as your are seeking medical attention, your employer cannot release you from your job. Don’t let that worry keep you from getting the services you need to be sober.

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